Bunjiro’s Specialty

Queen Pork, sourced from Gunma Prefecture:

Queen Pork’s deliciousness

  1. gives it a succulent lustre.
  2. The marbling has a gentle flavour.
  3. It has a piquant taste and a lovely texture.
  4. It has no distasteful odours.
  5. It increases the enjoyment of cooking with pork.

The Label of “Queen Pork”

“Queen Pork” is produced with the intention of allowing consumers to safely enjoy the deliciousness of pork, and it is the sum of many years improvement by the selective breeding and breeding management of pigs.
There is a system which publicly divides and classifies the quality of pork, beyond simply whether it is fit for consumption. This rating system of three levels–exceptional, high and standard– is the Pork Meat Trading Standard applied by the Japan Meat Grading Association. However separate to this, there is a test that determines whether the label “Queen Pork” can be used. Only pork that has passed an independent examination can be certified as Queen Pork. For example, even pork that has a rating of “high” under the Pork Meat Trading Standard will not be labelled as Queen Pork if it is judged unsuitable. 

Over the many years since its founding, Bunjiro has been supplied excellent quality pork by the Gunma Meat Company Ltd.